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... Maillefer Helps Wire

Maillefer helps Wire & Cable and Pipe & Tube manufacturers to exceed their goals. No limit is fixed for us. We provide you with new opportunities to succeed in and develop your business. With our technologies, production know-how and networks you can always stay ahead of competition.



TEL VE KABLO HATLARI                                                                                             BORU VE TÜP HATLARI                                                                           

Otomotiv Kablo Hatları                                                                                                     Otomotiv Boru Hatları

Tesisat Kablosu Hatları                                                                                                    Isıtma Ve Tesisat Boru Hatları

Koaksiyel Kablo Hatları                                                                                                   Sulama Borusu Hatları

LAN Kablo Hatları                                                                                                             Damla Sulama Boru Hatları

Düşük Voltaj Kablosu Hatları                                                                                         Tıbbi Boru Hatları

Orta Gerilim(MV), Yüksek Gerilim( HV) ve Aşırı Yüksek-                                           Micro Boru ( Micro-Duct) Hatları

 Gerilim (EHV) Kablo Hatları                                                                                           Kıyı ( Off-Shore) Boru Hatları

Fiber Optik Kablo Hatları                                                                                                 Özel Boru Üretim Hatları

Kauçuk Kablo Hatları

Haberleşme Kablosu Hatları

Özel Kablo Üretim Hatları